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Valentine’s Day: Showing Love To the Less Privileged


A Community Based Organization in Nyalenda, Kisumu County on Sunday organized a pre-valentine for a group of the less privileged persons in in the area.

The Nyalenda Young Turks CBO shared a meal and also took entertainment the elderly persons and persons living with disability during the season of love.

Miriam Omala from the United Nations stated that the persons were also taught to give themselves some self-care by meditating for a few minutes in the morning and in the evening.

“Valentine’s means sharing and giving love. We need to show each other that we care, so the community members took their time to  come and spend time with us together and we had lunch afterwards,” said Omala.

Omala also stated that self-care is all about connecting to the soul.


“This is all about knowing who you are. self-care a few minutes in the morning and few minutes in the evening to quieten your mind,” explained Omala.

According to her, showing love is not all about buying gift to the love ones but also caring for the needy.

“Love might be going and grind some maize for the elderly person, love is all about the little things that the public assumes,” she stated.

Felix Adinda, Nyalenda Young Turks coordinator pointed out that they chose the group of people because Majority of them are of low income or have no income at all.

“We asked ourselves that do our people believe in love? That’s why we organized for the day and it went successful,” he said.

He noted that giving out food is not sustainable but it was a way of showing love to the ones who might be feeling neglected within the community.

The beneficiaries confirmed that they really learned a lot from the event and it will highly help them in the daily routine.

By Jacob Oluoch