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VDJ Jones Attacks Willy Paul For Dissing Gengetone


Kenyan music producer Vdj Jones has responded to musician Willy Paul after he said that Gengetone was dead.

The producer was also encouraging Gengetone artists that not everyone must pass through hard times in order to succeed.

Vdj Jones also celebrated the Gengetone family for making original music and also advised them to be united in order to succeed.

“I think everyone should experience defeat at one point during their career. You learn a lot from it, everyone falls but what matters is how u get back up! My Gengetone family, they might troll u all they want, but we did something they couldn’t do their whole careers. We ruled the airwaves, sent away foreign music. Let’s restructure, regroup and rule. Pamoja Tunaweza!” wrote Vdj_jones.

Netizens supported the producer and also advised Gengetone artists to be united and support each other.

“Muhimu…. Gengetone to the world. Na pia ma artist wakuwe na unity. Si ati ukiomoka unaona you are better than your teammate,” wrote djblueweez_ke.

“Gengetone is there for like..Mungu ndye ataamua sio hizi mbwakni za Kenya na roho chafu zao… gengetone is getting stronger day by day,” wrote lawree_muresh.

Musician Willy Paul took to his Instagram page and asked people to be happy because Gengetone music is dead.

“R.I.P Gengetone finally.  Why are you guys upset after I said R.I.P gengetone?? Surely ur supposed to be happy,” wrote Willy Paul.


However not everyone was in support of his statement and comedian Dj Shiti said that the Gengetone artists are still preparing themselves.

?????? Wacha siasa kijana Gengeton iko bado nivile bado wanamedi… ZikiNice watarudi mchezoni,” wrote Dj Shiti.

The attack on Willy Paul comes a few weeks after comedian Jalango was accused of killing the music genre.


By: Emmaline Owuor