‘Vera Lied’ Otile Brown entertains thirsty ladies with Pool Photos

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Singer Otile Brown has left ladies drooling after he posted a photo dressed just in his boxers.

In the said photo, Otile Brown was enjoying some quality time in the pool.

Thirsty ladies were quick to spot Otile’s bedminton rack and prompting funny comments on the photo.

The singer’s fans also called out Otile’s ex Vera Sidika who once claimed Otile has a small manhood.

The photo has ignited conversation among thirsty ladies on social media and has been widely shared.

Check out some of the comments

kichuna_marya:So Vera called that thing a toothpick basi ako na borehole 🙄

dorcasjoseph7:Vera why did you lie to us, all i can see here is a loaded machine

eastafricann__:@nabbi__But when were you planning to tell us that Vera lied 😂🤣 you smart smart huh 😂🤣

wambo_wa_jesus Vera ni Muongo sana aki

kerry_knowless @beatiekush amemeza tembe

myraot8 @beatiekush Shem on Vera otile ako SawA