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Vera Sidika and Huddah Friends Again!!!!(Pics)


VERABut who said that the superiority battle between Huddah and Vera Sidika will never come to an end?? Well, it appears as if whatever they posted on their respective Instagram accounts is anything to go by.

The two socialites, who have been regularly feuding on social media for years have now announced their beef withdrawal, Huddah blaming the media for creating animosity between them.

“@huddahthebosschick Coz hate is a weak emotion….. Yet we don’t even hate on each other . We are forced to by people and the media …… I’ve been having a difficult time trying to say it loud but finally ! I’m out! And thanks Sidika for your Salaams baby gal! …. Be blessed always , I love you since day 1 crazy bitch , we have loads of memories together that people don’t even know ! Negativity slows people down ‘ cheers to Women empowerment , Y’all should try it! ?!” captioned a photo on Instagram.

On her end,Vera also echoed Huddah’s words by calling third parties such as you,me and the media “they”.

“@queenveebosset I have always loved you boothang. We should stay away from “They” always trying to break us. I Miss the good old days…amazing memories…I’m always smiling thinking about it…2 crazy bad Bitchez!!! Stay Blessed Sweetheart️

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Peace is cheap to declare but very expensive to maintain. Will these two maintain the pressure.

And Yes…Congratulations Mamis for settling down your differences.

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