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Vera Sidika bets Jalang’o $10,000 if she ever gets back with Otile


By Annette Amondi

Vera Sidika has offered media personality Jalang’o $10,000 (ksh. 1 million)  if she ever gets back with Otile Brown.

Vera said the Swahili singer was never really her number one.

“Otile was not really number one on the list of men I’ve ever loved so much.” She said

Asked if the two of them would ever get back to being an item she said her doors were closed.

“No, never, the door is closed and if we ever do, come for $10,000 (ksh. 1 million)”she said

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Addressing her relationship with Otile, Vera maintained that Otile had hidden motive through out their relationship.

“You cannot get back with someone and then two days later you’re asking them for money then when they say they don’t have it, you break up with them.He should have even played cool for a t least a month” She said

She added that she did not get rid of Otile Brown’s baby saying that she had gotten a birth control kit because she needed to get to know Otile better.

Vera went on to add that the only reason she took to social media to air the differences was because she needed people to stop linking her to him.

Vera caused a stir online last week after rumour broke that she may be dating model Calisah, turns out she was working with the Tanzanian model who featured in her son “Nalia” which debut on Youtube over the weekend.

Vera added that this is the begining of her music career and that she will soon be giving team mafisi a treat.