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Vera Sidika comes to her best friend Zari’s aid in handling Hamisa Mobetto

Vera Sidika comes to her best friend Zari's aid in handling Hamisa Mobetto

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Socialite Vera Sidika is not a happy lady after Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto claimed she and Vera were tight.

In an unexpected jab sent to the Tanzanian lass,the Kenyan socialite threatened to leak a list of Nairobi men whom the lass has slept with. This comes after the two former friends engaged in an ugly online brawl that was sparked by a snapchat video.

On Monday, Hamisa shared a video of Vera Sidika in a friendly way insinuating that the two of them were good friends despite Vera being Zari’s closest friend. This did not rub well on the voluptuous socialite prompting her to respond.

Vera came out guns blazzing on snapchat and fired back at the Tanzanian saying,” So cuppy sees me drive to my meeting at Dusit.Signals&jjstops to say hi and then does a snapchat of me.I dont know Hamisa was also doing a snap,now everyone is sending me a video I wasnt aware of & starting drama.Abeg leave me out y’all mess.”

Hamisa responded by asking Vera to stop pretending yet she was the one who has been on her case trying to befriend her.

The drama got juicy with the back and forth when Vera finally released the final blow that silenced Hamisa.She threatened to expose her Nairobi shenanigans.


“Talking about ****** for a living.B***** came to Nairobi to sell ******.”Hosting at B-club when there was zero posters of your ‘hosting’ claims.I know all the men you have ***** in Nairobi. Dont try me coz I’m gonna list them down.they do tell me.”wrote Vera.



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