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Vera Sidika Dumps Expensive Wigs,Cuts Her Hair Short (Pics)


sidika hair1Her stunts are masterminded….planned and timely delivered. It is business,her hustle needs that. Picking up fights with her nemesis,masturbating in public and such related stunts.

However,no one saw this coming. Vera ditching wigs and spotting a bald look is the last thing that would run in anyone’s imagination. I mean,Vera was so much into these ‘expensive’  wigs that she started a hair lounge business in loyalty to the same.

Call it coincidental or a copy cat move,but i just noticed that Vera cut her hair just days after he frenemy Huddah re-embraced braiding her hair after spotting a short hairdo look for quite sometime now.

Wondering how Vera Sidika looks with her new short hair??? Well,she still smart and want you to stay on the wait as her first photos with the look have been hidden in a baseball cap…..check out;sidika hair2