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Vera Sidika Expected to Walk Naked In Nigeria,Lagos Nigeria After KQ Staff Do This To Her Clothes

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vera2Have you ever heard some people complain and you wish God gave you such problems to deal with??? Well, that is

the feeling i first felt when i learnt about Vera Sidika’s latest scandal with Kenya Airways.

Apparently, Vera is a super pissed woman after learning that her clothe’s luggage had been left behind during her latest flight to Lagos Nigeria by KQ staffs leaving her with a serious “Crisis” on what to wear today ahead of her many ‘business meetings’.

Ranting angrily through her snapchat handle, Vera wondered whether KQ expected her to walk naked with only makeup and shoes on??

To add salt to the insult, Vera revealed how KQ have perfected the art of leaving her clothes luggage behind further revealing that this was actually not the first time but the the third time the popular airline has done that to her.

Her woes didn’t end there, the mother of socialites also went on to disclose lack of fresh air in the plane due to AC failure, pointing that and  she almost suffocated as one couldn’t open the windows to save her situation.

Notably, Vera points that perhaps KQ does this deliberately to her since she is ,”PATRIOTIC”?!

All said, She vowed to stick to her people (KQ) through thick n thin wishing Emirates were flying within the continent on the contrary.

Check out her series of complains;



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