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Vera Sidika finally opens up on why she broke up with Tanzanian bae


Socialite Vera Sidika has revealed why she parted ways with her Tanzanian bae Dr. Jimmy Chansa.

While responding to a fan identified as Halima who accused Vera of being the problem in all her failed relationships Vera said she doesn’t entertain toxic people.

“@Halimaleah i walked out of my relationship coz i’m not gonna stay in a toxic one just to impress people like you. You can think whatever you like at the end of the day i’m the one who’ll face the bullshit so i will eliminate what’s not good for me. If u like say whatever, strangers on the internet will never let me tolerate bullshit from a man just to show the world that i’m still in a relationship. Hell nah. I will always put myself first. On God!!!.” She said

Vera and Chansa only dated for six months and in a past interview, she praised him as the most loving man she has ever been with.

“I have never felt like this before. You recall me telling you (Pulse) about plans to get a sperm donor and never to get married? That has changed in those two weeks. I want him to come and settle down with me here, I want us to make a family, I want us to make kids and live together,” she said