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Vera Sidika hits back at fan over 120K Varsace Shirt


Socialite Vera Sidika has hit back at a fan who claimed she has been over wearing some of her clothes.

The socialite and business woman who is currently in the U.K recently uploaded a photo rocking a Versace shirt and an online fan was quick to notice it is not the first time she has rocked it.

“I thought haurudiangi nguo.” asked the fan

Vera fired back telling the fan how she had spent a fortune on the shirt and would rock it until Jesus returns.

“I paid 120k for this shirt. So I’ll wear it till Jesus returns.” she said

It is however not the first time Vera has been accused of over wearing clothes.

In September 2018, Vera Sidika lost her cool over a T-Shirt after a fan referred to it as outdated.

In her rebuttal, Vera Sidika said she would wear her T-shirt till it drops off her body as it cost her Kshs 60,000.

“I spent Ksh 60,000 on it. Outdated or not, I’m gonna wear it till it’s WORN OUT!!!! ….and there’s nothing you gon do about it,” Vera wrote.