“Vera Sidika is my bae” singer and comedian Oga Obinna

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By Annette Amondi

Musician and comedian Oga Obinna has expressed his love for Kenyan women at the same time showing love for Vera Sidika.

Obinna said he preffered Kenyan women more than Nigerian women.

Speaking to Maji Maji and King Kafu on Ghetto radio’s Brekko show, Obinna said he finds Kenyan women beautiful.

“Kenyan women are beautiful.” Hesaid

Asked whether he preffered Huddah Monroe or Vera Sidika, Obinna did not shy away from showing some love to Vera.

“I like Vera Sidika, that’s my baby. I love heavy machineryand I’m jus managing property after Otile left. Huddah is just okay.” He added

Obinna also addressed the common issue about  why Kenyan music is rarely played in Nigeria.

According to the comedian, the issue just revolves around artiste’s market themselves on international platforms.

“Marketing matters. It is how Kenyans market themselves in Nigeria that will get them airplay in Nigeria. Victoria Kimani is played there, Sauti Sol is also played there. It is simply about the money, the record label that signed you and how much you marklet yourself as an artiste.” He said