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Vera Sidika Offers Ksh. 5 Million To Woman Claiming She Is Carrying For Her The Pregnancy

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Socialite Vera Sidika has challenged netizens to produce evidence that she is not pregnant or that she is paying someone to carry her pregnancy.

The socialite who seemed to be fed up with people doubting her pregnancy took to her Instagram stories and offered to pay anyone with evidence that she is not carrying her child  Ksh. 5 million.

“If you are my surrogate as claims suggest. I permit you to step out with supporting documents. Willing to pay upfront 5 million Kenya shillings. If you can concretely prove you’re carrying the baby on my behalf…Yeah I’m feeling a little generous today,” wrote Vera.

She also added that she can never allow someone to carry her child because no one can take care of someone else child like the mother.

Vera claimed that even if a surrogate is paid well, she still can’t change her lifestyle for someone else child.

“Lmaooooo. I would NEVER let a surrogate carry my pregnancy. A surrogate can never carry & take great care of a pregnancy as much as you personally would. Who can quit alcohol; have super diet etc for 9 months for the sake of a baby that isn’t theirs? Even if they’re paid handsomely. Just ain’t the same unless they under 24 hour surveillance for 9 straight months,” added Vera.

Ever since Vera announced her pregnancy, people have doubted her and she seems tired of explaining herself.


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