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Vera Sidika on the spot for Defying curfew Orders to attend a party


Socialite and Businesswoman Vera Sidika is on the spot for defying the curfew orders to attend a party over the weekend.

In a series of posts on her Instagram account, Vera shared how she was out driving at night to go to a private party.

She then shared a video of her friend enjoying a drink then captioned it how they were getting lit before the party.

“Warming up before going out to the actual Party. It’s a Friday Night … going out for a lil party. When you drive out whenever… lockdown for who…damn no cars on the road. Nairobi is dry baby girl …but we are out ” She wrote

Fans were quick to call her out for defying the Government directive and for putting her health at risk just for the gram.

She later tried to defend herself by saying she did not go to any party but was instead just enjoying a drink with a friend but fans would hear none of it.

She later bragged about how she loves the attention she is getting.

“Gave haters something to write about while in y’all bedsitter with 20 other roommates. One thing y’all don’t know is that I enjoy this shit. I get so damn wet when you all write about me. Negative or positive, I dwell on that shit…more talk, more money for me” she said