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Vera Sidika Quits “Nairobi Diaries” After Rekindling Friendship With Huddah Monroe.


VERAFor months now,Vera has been trending thanks to her participation in the said boring “Reality” show on K24, Nairobi Diaries.

The socialite,who two days ago buried the hatchet with her longterm nemesis Huddah Monroe provoked rumors that she had left after not appearing in the show’s two last episodes.

Its through Snapchat that Vera finally let the cat out the bag confirming the rumors as true and explaining the reasons why she left. Miss Mungasia said that she had had enough of  the scripted show and more so being around people who do more harm to her than good.

It should be noted that Vera and Pendo didn’t see each other eye to eye all through as the latter tried too much to compete with Vera for superiority using her self claimed “ghetto kid attitude” which  wasn’t lightly acknowledged by the classy Vera. At some point Pendo almost injured Vera and her security team after she threw a bottle at them.

Vera also confessed that her fans had earlier on asked her to leave the show but she decided to stay in the hope that things would turn out positively.

As expected, Pendo couldn’t keep her mouth shut and this is what she said towards Vera’s departure;

“It’s a wrap, I run this sh*t ” and I’m Officially the queen, No Content=No Role. Bye Felecia! Peace.”

Will her absence be felt?