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  • Vera Sidika celebrated her daughter’s birthday on 30th October.
  • She explained that she is not a selfish mother and Mauzos’ absence during Asia’s birthday is not her fault.

Vera Sidika finally responded to her fans who were asking about the whereabouts of Brown Mauzo after not attending their daughter’s birthday party.

Through her Instagram stories she responded by saying that she is sick and tired of people asking her why Brown Mauzo couldn’t be seen in the party, telling her fans that they know nothing about what happens.

One fan suggested that dads are important no matter what, especially on occasions like birthdays and these questions seemed to be too much to Vera which made her speak.

”What if they were invited to the birthday and didn’t show up??? How is that my fault, Was I to carry him with a crane?”. She wrote.

The mother of two explained that he did invite Brown Mauzo to his daughter’s birthday just so her special day it can be memorable but Mauzo said it is not a good idea to be at her birthday party.

”I invited him to his daughter’s birthday just so it can be memorable for her special day,”

”I stay huko,they have their moment.he did not want to show up &said it wouldn’t be a good idea to b at her bday party.”She explained.

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She also explained that she cares about her babies happiness and she is not a selfish mother noting that a birthday is not an ordinary day it’s a special day to celebrate your child.

”All I care about is my babies happiness.I’m not a selfish mother.But you cant force a person to reason. Abdy is not an ordinary it’s a special day to celebrate your child.”She wrote.

She added that it was not her fault that Mauzo couldn’t make it to Asia’s birthday party.

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Recent Activities

Vera Sidika planned the face revealed for Prince Ice ,her second born which she also said was ruined by Brown Mauzo who revealed the face of their baby without consulting her first.

She noted that she even invited him to Asia’s birthday party but most people couldn’t understand that.

The two love birds separated on August and went different ways.

Vera Sidika today took a flight and she is out of the country after celebrating her daughter’s birthday on 30 October


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