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Vera Sidika threatens to sue bloggers over her relationship with Otile


Socialite Vera Sidika has threatened to sue blogger who angered her after claiming she had used and dumped singer Otile Brown.

The curvaceous socialite went ham on the blogger who claimed that she had deleted all her photos with her boyfriend Otile Brown and claiming that there was trouble in paradise.

“How dare you have the nerve to claim I (with all my numbers & international recognition) is using a man for fame joke of the year. Bruh if that’s the case i’d be parading all the pics coz damn right that’s how it is when you wanna use someone right? I don’t even post nobody. Like how the f#ck mehn! y’all need to suck on some breasts coz y’all just thirsty,” wrote Vera.

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The break up rumour was triggered by the fact that Vera rarely posts photos of Otile on social media. She however claified that she has her way of expressing her feelings to her bae and not necessarily parading it for people to see.

She went on to say that she would sue anyone speading fake news about her and that she couldn’t wait to pocket the ksh.5 million fake news penalty.