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Very raunchy new PETA video claims meat-free couples have better sex lives than ‘clogged-up carnivores who only last 10 seconds in bed’

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veganWhether it’s models posing as ‘human meat’, or comparing a carnivorous diet to the Holocaust, PETA is known for courting controversy.

But now the animal rights group has brought out a new campaign which could be one of its most eyebrow-raising yet.

The latest advert, uploaded to YouTube on 25 January, aims to show that vegans last longer in bed – and the racy 38-second clip shows just that, with two scantily-clad couples frolicking between the sheets.

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It has already been viewed 150,000 times, but according to Gossip Cop, it has been banned from TV – despite having been produced for the highly-coveted commercial break during next month’s NFL Superbowl 50 which airs on 7 February.

They claim bosses at the TV network CBS branded the advert too sexually explicit for prime-time TV.

Using a split screen of two couples in bed – one ‘meat eater’ and one vegan – it shows the carnivorous couple making love for just 10 seconds before the man runs out of stamina and gives up, while the vegan couple manage to keep going for the duration of the advert.

While they appear to be having the time of their lives, the meat-eating couple are forced to stop and get out of bed.

The camera follows the meat-eating man as he gets dressed and heads out of the door. Bizarrely, he is then crushed by a falling object from above, which appears to resemble a microwave.

The headline-grabbing video claims to be ‘side-by-side’ proof that vegans last longer in bed as they cut out meat, eggs and dairy which are high in cholesterol and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

A short blurb beneath the video reads: ‘Sleeping with someone who eats meat? There may be more than one disappointment in store.

‘Eating the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat can increase the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and these can be dangerous to your love life.

‘Why? Because they’re all common causes of erectile dysfunction. Plant-based foods keep blood flowing to all the body’s organs. The key to a hot love life and to lasting longer in the bedroom is to start with delicious vegan meals in the kitchen.

‘Did you know that vegetarians are 32 per cent less likely to develop heart disease than meat-eaters are and they have a lower risk of suffering from diseases such as cancer and diabetes?’

It is followed by a link to tips for ‘veganizing’ your sex life.

However, some people remained unconvinced by PETA’s message, with one viewer commenting: ‘I’m vegan but what does this have to do with veganism?’

Nick Riccuitti said: ‘That’s a little too much to get the point across…’ while another wrote: ‘OK Peta this was kind of weird.’

PETA’s Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said that banning the advert meant viewers were missing out on ‘comedy and sex appeal’.

She said in a statement: ‘Super Bowl 50 audiences will be missing out on comedy, sex appeal, and the lifesaving message that vegan meals can help clear clogged-up carnivores and get their blood pumping again,’ she said.

‘PETA’s edgy but crowd-pleasing TV spot shows that vegans may have a banana in their pajama pocket, just to snack on later, but they’re also really pleased to see you.’