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Veteran rapper reveals how he made Ksh. 200, ate fruits as payment for shows

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By Steve Osaka

Celebrity Designer and veteran rapper Fundi Frank has revealed how they earned a meager Ksh. 200 for a perfomance back in the days.

Frank who debuted as a rapper at the coast recalled how sometimes they were given fruits to eat as form of payment when there was no money.

Speaking during an online interview, the rapper turned designer stated that unlike now, artistes back then were motivated by passion and not money.

“Hizo siku ilikuwa hakuna doo Mombasa tulikuwa tunalipwa mia mbili kupiga show,tena kama uko na bahati,Tropical Night-Toyz Club, sonko alikuwa ni Bruce Odhiambo kila Wednesday club inapambwa na matunda ikae African… Ukirap kama hakuna soo mbili, unakula matunda,na doo ilikuwa inakosa sana so buda tulikula sana matunda”Said Fundi Frank.
Fundi Frank later moved to the Capital Nairobi as a way of seeking greener pastures after being encouraged by Hardstone and the late Bad Boy Rapstar Poxi Presha.

Fundi Frank’s star would later shine bright in 2007 when he was tasked with dressing The Pentagon, a political vehicle that was led by Raila Odinga and had politicians Ruto,Balala,Mudavadi,Kalonzo and the late Joe Nyaga.

Fundi Frank has managed to work with the likes of Bamboo and Abas of K-South,Gidigidi and Majimaji and Ousmane in both the fashion and music world.


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