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Veteran Singer Maji Maji Makes a Triuphant Entry In Embakasi Politics

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Veteran Hip Hop star  Julisu Owino popularly known as Maji Maji of the famous Gidi Gidi Maji Maji duo has  set his political footprint in Nairobi’s  Embakasi area rubbing shoulders with political bigwigs and incumbents.

Maji is hinted to be Eying Embakasi East constituency  seat  a move that  is giving current member of Parliament Babu Owino sleepless nights.

Due to his youthful  statue and successful music career he boasts of a huge youth following ,Making Embakasi East seat the most watched constituency  in 2022 race.

There has been a heated debate over the future of  Babu  in Embakasi politics, immediately he announced his candidature for gubernatorial  post Nairobi City county come 2022.

‘’Tunataka Babu atuambie  msimamo wake juu sisi kama watu wa Emba tumejua anaenda kwa kiti ya ugavana vile alisema hii ubunge tupee Maji  Nyalhodia [We want Babu to to tell us his stand because we know is going for governor let us give Maji this seat] .’’ Said Embakasi  resident.

In one of the Embakasi East political groups where Babu is a member, his future has become  a topic and when Maji declared  interest in  the same group it sparked mix reactions.

Here are some of the conversations we sampled for you.

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‘’Babu Owino Asimame u governor aonane na Sonko .Maji Maji ndio mbunge..Come 2022  its high time that we market Maji maji for 2022..Given that Babu  Owino doesn’t  want the seat after 2022’’

‘’Your Sentiments  shows that Babu Owino is not going for the higher office ,second , that Maji maji is a threat because as i know you Iniesta ,you don’t respond to the weak ’’

But according to  Maji he will make it clear when time  comes and for now he is busy developing  Embakasi at the grassroots.

The once popular singer credited as a pioneer hip hop artiste currently runs Maji Maji Trust an organization that sponsors  students in the area as well as championing  youths projects.

Maji is the official patron of Wajiji FC  a football club that has taken shape in nurturing young talents in the area.

Wajiji is currently competing in the second tier and even won Babu Owino Super Cup November last year.

As they say in politics ‘’Only time will tell’’