Vicmass Luo Dollar is the newest father in town

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dollarRapper Vicmass Luo Dollar has started the year on a rather high note. The bank otuch hit maker and long term girlfriend Lucy Manga alias ‘Chimamih’  welcomed their first born child on January 11th at 5:00 a.m.

The elated singer took to social media to announce the arrival of his son and moments later congratulatory messages started trickling in.

“Mark this day 5:10Am i will never forget,God is faithful. #NewDadInTown #NewParentsInTown #KingGilroy.” He wrote.

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The singer announced that he had named his son after his grandfather King Gilroy Pindwa.
Just days before the birth, vicmass posted a heartfelt message to his girlfriend.

“I love Lucy, She dresses me, she makes sure nikifika home nimekula nimeshiba.Its Godly, I just confirmed I can get any woman pregnant. Its my first child and I’m very happy I’ll become a parent. Anything I want in this life is to be a parent.” He wrote