Victoria Kimani roasted for dressing inappropriately for charity event

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Songstress Victoria Kimani is once again the talk of town after posting a recent photo from her visit to kibera.

Victoria had graced a charity event in Nairobi’s Kibera area but it is her skimpy dressing during the event that got people talking.

Those who know her know she dresses very little but many online users felt that she should have made an exception for that particular event.

A section of netizents a lot got offended by her caption which read “Ghetto yut dem”

Netizens felt she was sending the wrong message and some even asked her to pull down the photo she had uploaded.

“This is very inconsiderate of @victoriakimanito tell people that this is what kibera is all about” wrote one user

“ So now this is how we visit kibera dressed like this?
Its a shame…at least you should respect those you went to visit” said another