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Video Game That Allows You To Play As Jesus Launched


A video game that allows one to play Jesus has been unveiled.

The I Am Jesus Christ video game is the world’s first Jesus simulator that allows gamers to slip into the sandals of the godlike Christian prophet and act out the New Testament’s greatest miracles.

As Jesus, players can use telekinesis to enhance their carpentry skills, charge up their “Holy Spirit energy” to perform miracles, lighten up a wedding reception by turning water into wine, teleport inside a sick child’s blood stream for healing, and avoid a ball of hellfire that is Satan in the desert.

As seen on the footage on YouTube, performing such acts elicits joyous responses from the peasant folk.

“This wine is better than the wine we had before!” they cry. “Thank you, thank you! You have saved the day!”

A prologue of the game will be available to play on Steam as from 1st December.

The prologue is basically a free, shortened version of the game that takes place in ancient Nazareth.

The full version will be available some time in the first quarter of 2023.

By Stella Anyango.


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