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(VIDEO) Slayqueen smashes sponsor’s car demanding for her money


By Annette Amondi

A video of an  unidentified woman smashing a Mercedes Benz’s windscreen belonging to her ex boyfriend has gone viral.

In the video that has been shared widely online, the petite lass is seen on top of a maroon Mercedes Benz smashing the windscreen with her feet.

She is heard shouting something that sounds her demanding for money.

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The lass in a red dress is supported by a man in who seems not to care about what is happening.

Another man tries to stop her from smashing the car as the other man asks her to go.


“Shuka twende sasa, achana nayo.” He is heard saying.

Social media users have so far identified the woman as Cynthia Keru from Mombasa according to her social media handles.

There is also speculation that Cynthia smashed the car because she suspected her then boyfriend of cheating on her.

Watch the video below.