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  • The video vixen states that she was wasn’t paid for making an appearance in the Adhiambo video
  • She maintains that Bahati’s management resorted to hide and seek
  • She demands for compensation and pulling down of the video from YouTube

A video vixen named Brenda Beatrice Otieno has come out demanding for 4 million shillings from controversial gospel star turned politician, Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati for defaulting on her payment on the latter’s song, Adhiambo.

“Hakunilipa,Bahati didn’t pay me and even right now i just want to tell everybody i did a video vixen for Adhiambo” she states partly

Through an online engagement, the voluptuous video model maintains that the money had not only gained interest from the initial 100k she was to pocket then but also due to the fact that she’d been taken in circles for a while now.

While quoting the 4million shillings figure,she added that the suitable compensation would be 20% the total earnings from the video followed by pulling it down from You Tube.

“But right now how many years,how many months, the interest has gone high and and that’s why am demanding for 20 percent becoz he’s taken me for granted for a very long time…4 million,out of a video that has gotten over 24 million, don’t i deserve to be paid 4 million” she explains partly

She went further and revealed that sometimes last year at the height of the electioneering period,she raised the issue only for Bahati’s team to silence her through threats to her life.

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Turned Down Other Offers

Despite getting more offers to appear in other video’s all thanks to Adhiambo’s feature, The video model affirmed that she has had to turn them down for fear of her terms not being honored.

Her stint with Bahati was the first one and it came with an experience she wouldn’t want to undergo once again.

“After Bahati’s song,i got more requests but I’ve never thought of doing them becoz i thought these people use people,i did that i was never paid so why would i do another one,so sijafanya ingine ni hiyo moja tu”

And on her assets,her to die for figure,she downplayed the rumors doing rounds that it’s man made maintaining that it’s real with the ‘big bum genes’ running deep in her family.

Adhiambo is a collaborative piece with Benga cum ohangla maestro, Prince Indah.

Within a year from it’s release, the song has had quite considerable success,it has ammased 22 million views on YouTube and still counting.

To pay or not to pay,How would you advice Bahati?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

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