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Vile watu wa Nairobi hushtua watu wa Ushago December

Vile watu wa Nairobi hushtua watu wa Ushago December

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The December festive season is here with us again, Someone told me it’s a month when you leave the house to go buy bread and come back hours later so drunk .

I do not have an issue with guys celebrating but my issue is when my Fellow Nairobians visit their respective villages ..

Nairobians actually arrive in style driving very big cars (some hired), some want to pass across a statement that they live in the City. So before you hire that Range Ushtue watu wa Ushago please remember NJaaanuary is a few weeks ahead.

Then comes the slay queens who probably left the village a few years back,they will go back and shock the entire village with their designed new wardrobe. I once travelled to the village and my Grandmother told me ‘’Hii nguo uvae ukiwa Nairobi’’ It’s then I realised kuna dress code ya Nairobi.

There is another lot of City Dwellers that travels to the village and can barely help in farming activities, some will just accompany their aged parents as they just tell stories and take photos with funny hashtags ‘#Vilage manenos, #farming manenos, #wifeymaterial’’ while in most cases they do nothing.

Not forgetting our Kids who in most cases cant speak nor understand a single vernacular word, and hence communication with their grandparents becomes an issue and parents have to be there as translators. Maybe we should embrace on teaching our kids their vernacular . Some actually shock their cousins in the village inabaki wanawaangalia kama cinema since this kids only speak fluent English.

In a family there is always that ‘’Drunk Uncle’’ and when the Nephew from Nairobi arrives he will be on His neck hadi atoboke,and when you take him to the local Village bar ,Hiis fellow village gang is there waiting Wakunywe pombe ya Nairobi. Be wise when spending to impress your uncle and his squad usilie Njaanuary.





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