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VIRTUAL AVS: The Next Financial Breakthrough For Hungry Entrepreneurs Globally


VIRTUAL AVS business App found on Google PlayStore is set to change the lives of entrepreneurs around the world, young or old.

VIRTUAL AVS is a distinguished world class Airtime Vending Software that allows millions of airtime users to earn money from the ever-expanding telecommunication industry!

With the rise of unemployment in many countries, many are attentive to thriving industries especially in e-commerce to find ways to make money.

Millions especially in Africa, Asia/Pacific Continents and United States of America are now able to earn from any airtime purchases they load using the Smartphone App.


The App also allows users to earn from utility expenses including but not limited to cable TV, electricity, water and insurance services from various markets; henceforth turning expenses into passive income. How exciting!

For any airtime float you load over and above $20 each month for instance, you earn 5% cash-back.

All you need is to register as an authorized distributor by paying $144, which gives you an opportunity to share and connect /empower others from different parts of the world to also benefit like you.

This distinguished world class proven system gives anyone willing to take advantage of it opportunity to earn 4 types of commissions namely;

1. Registration/License commission

2. Airtime commission

3. Utility commission

4. BULK/Passive Income

As the company’s motto states, We Love, We Share, We Empower, the company intends to give the masses an opportunity to monetize their expenses.

By Arnold Olando