Vitimbi actress Nyasuguta accused of conning Kenyans with fake jobs

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Former Vitimbi actress Eunice Wambua known by her screen name, Nyasuguta is in hot soup after a series of online users came out on Wednesday March 28 accusing her of conning them with fake jobs in Dubai.

Nyasuguta allegedly runs an agency which links people with jobs in the United Arab Emirates.Her accusers say that no one has ever reported of being employed as promised and instead, the actress just tricks a number of Kenyans with the said jobs and confiscates their documents on arrival at the UAE.

A number of her alleged victims have come forward to accuse the ex-actress of promising them non-existent jobs in Dubai. According to them, Nyasuguta then confiscates their passports once they arrive in Dubai and they end up signing for jobs they had not initially agreed on.
“A while back she was exposed on Buyer Beware Kenya for allegedly conning a number of people money using fake Dubai Jobs,” one user lamented.

Another user cautioned Kenyans not to fall into her trap and asked authorities to intervene.
“Please do not dare. I’ve been in Dubai and they had abandoned so many job seekers after cheating them there were going for ready jobs. It’s true she confiscates clients’ passports. Stay away from her,” she said

There is no way of verifying the claims that seem to have been running from as far back as 2016.