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Volleyball Captain Janet Wanja Publicly Disgraced By Her “Mzungu” Husband. (Pics)


wanjaHearsay has it that volleyball captain, one Janet Wanja has been having issues almost immediately after walking the aisle 3 years ago. The Kenyan Pipeline captain and her Briton husband, Mr. Andrew Swearman have both been living totally separate lives,with Janet residing in Kenya and her husband in the United Kingdom.

The couple has also had marriage indifference with each accusing of infidelity every now and then.

However, Mr.Swearman once came into his Kenyan wife defence after the latter was accused of allegedly having  a sexual relationship with some official. Swearman, through a Facebook page asked the public to stop making assumptions and spreading false rumors regarding Wanja, since they were affecting both his marriage and that of said official.

Not so long after the public defence, Mr. Swearman just decided to come back to Kenya and take a vacation at the Kenyan coast. However, his visit this time round was planned and purposed to publicly disgrace Wanja.

So, Swearman decided to spear Wanja in the heart after he decided to pick another companion who he is getting cosy with before proceeding to post the photos on his Facebook account.

The two-Wanja’s husband and his new catch were caught on camera smoking sheesha and drinking at an unknown joint in Mombasa;

Check them out;