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Voters Urged To Keep Off Polling Stations After Voting

Embakasi Central Constituency Returning Officer Mr. Justus Mbithi has urged voters in the area to observe electoral laws even as the country approaches the General Elections.

Mbithi has specifically asked the voters against converging at the polling stations after voting in what they call ‘guarding votes’.

In an exclusive  phone  interview  with Ghetto Radio, Mr. Mbithi  has said camping  at the voting  station is likely  to trigger unnecessary  suspicion  of election  rigging.

According  to the constituency  returning officer,  the IEBC  has all the legal  muscles  to conduct  a free and fair election, adding that there is no need  for  the candidates  to deploy parallel  security  agents.

“After voting, a voter  is required  to leave the polling  station, because  we do not  expect  people  to hang around  polling  stations  after  casting  their  votes leading to  unnecessary  congestion,”Mbithi  said.

Mr Mbithi further noted that they have trained their IEBC clerks and Presiding officers to assist voters with special needs like visual and physical challenges.

In case the voter’s finger print  will not be captured biometrically due to physical  challenge, the clerks will  use the national  identity  card or passport  to  verify  the eligibility  of the voter.

“Sometimes it may be difficult to capture the voter’s biometric data, because of physical deformity, but our clerks are well trained to give assistance. That’s why voters must present a passport or a national identity card before he or she is issued with ballot papers,” Mr. Mbithi added.

In the last two days the IEBC Embakasi Central constituency office has conducted an intensified training to its officials to ensure a seamless flow of the electoral process.

In the constituency  warehouse  the poll agency  has received  ballot  boxes and equipment for all elective  positions, except  for the ballot papers  that are expected  to be received  two days  before  election.

“We are at the tail end of the preparations, we have marked  the polling station and received some voting  materials  except for the ballot  papers  that we are yet to receive two days  to the election,”Mbithi  confirmed.

By Rodgers Oduor