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  • Mudavadi  distance government from Cs Kuria attacks on media.
  • He describes Kurias’ remarks as personal and vile.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi now says Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kurias’ attack on media is not government position on freedom of the press.

According to Mudavadi the Kenya Kwanza government subscribes to freedom of the press, vibrant media and objective media.

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He further cautioned those in the government to restrain from use of vile language on media but they are free to criticize.

“The government is committed to a free, vibrant and objective media and we are not running away from that. There is a thin line between a public official and someone in their private capacity,” he said.

“My advice to my colleagues in public space is that, be careful in the statements that you make because they may be personal statements but because of your status in society, they could give the impression that it is public policy, which is not.” Mudavadi added.

Kuria Attack

Kuria is at war with Nation Media Group following an expose’ on edible oil that indicated that the taxpayers money  amounting to 5.6 billion. He described Nation as opposition affiliated Media House.He further directed government agencies not to advertise with Nation Media Group.

Nation Media, you must now decide whether you are a newspaper, broadcasting house, media house or a political party. I have said, from tomorrow, from today even, any government department found placing advertising in Nation Media Group, consider yourself out of government.

Cs Trade Moses Kuria
June 21, 2023

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