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  • Vybz Kartel destroyed Jamaica’s court system for being corrupt as he secured a major win in the UK Privy Council.
  • The UK High Court ruled in his favor granting him an earlier than scheduled appeal in relation to health concerns.
  • He’s hopeful of being freed at last.

Vybz Kartel termed the Jamaican justice system ‘corrupt’ as he secured a major win in the UK Privy Council.

The UK High Court ruled in Kartel’s favor last week granting him an earlier than scheduled appeal hearing this was necessitated by Kartel’s deteriorating health.

The Privy Council expedited the hearing to February 2024 with the earlier date being April 16th to 18th 2024.

Taking to Instagram, the Clarks singer was hopeful that he was being listened to by a ‘logical’ UK court and not by the corrupt Jamaican courts.

“When you’re out of the hands of bad mind and corrupt crosses and in the hands of logic and reason”

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Fans Reactions

Kartel’s recent small win with the UK High Court has also been met with positivity among Kartel’s friends and fans. Many are in anticipation that the singer is nearing his freedom.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Yes man same way so free World Boss” shot spice

“Great things will happen…statement completed” fired shawn storm.

“And I’ll be on the first flight heading to Jamaica# Freedom”

“Freedom is near”

According to reliable sources, both the attorneys and appelants sides are ready to present their arguments to the Privy Council.

Should Kartel and his co-accused be granted freedom, This would see an end to their almost 12 years stay behind bars.

Earlier this year, Kartel’s attorney Isat Buchanan disclosed that Kartel was placed in a filthy solitary confinement putting his health in great risk.

The ordeal was a punishment to Kartel after prison authorities confiscated a smartphone from his cell.

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