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Vybz Kartel Disowns Gaza Gang

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Jamaican singer Adidja Azim Palmer better alias Vybz Kartel has disowned Kenyan Gaza gang and refuted claims that they worship him.

The musician through a TV host in Jamaica was reacting to a story in a local alleging that Gaza members were looking at him as their god.

Some of the former members recently told the publication that they would act and behave as directed by Kartel who is currently in jail. However, the musician has disowned the group and its beliefs saying he is not God and the youths have been misled by people intending to profit from their deeds.

Vybz distanced himself from the gang after an unidentified Kenyan sent voice note to Souflo TV, a popular Jamaican channel pointing out the gang’s conviction on the singer.

The caller urged the artist to use his popular platform to deflate it as it had become a threat to national security.

The TV host responding on behalf of the artist said: “I have a voice note from Kenya. I have been told of a gang in Kenya that worships Vybz Kartel as their god. The problem is this gang is also extremely violent and has been murdering people among other crimes”.

The host went on to say that the singer worships a higher being and does not consider himself God, and neither does he advise his fans to steal and kill.

“He is more likely to tell you to stay in school and get education that would uplift your life from the conditions you are in,” the host said.

He went on to add that “Kartel does not support these things. This is not part of Kartel. Whoever is misguiding these youths should remember that music is very powerful, and what they are probably doing is that they are using Kartel’s powerful music to indoctrinate these guys.”

The musician suspects a Jamaican living in Kenya could be behind the scheme to mint money by exploiting the poor youths.



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