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  • Vybz Kartel’s son, Likkle Vybz was physically assaulted by Jamaican police on Saturday.
  • The police raided their home to effect a warrant.
  • It’s not the first time for the family to brush with law enforcers.

Dancehall icon Vybz Kartel’s son, Likkle Vybz recently got physically injured following the police raid at their family home.

The police were in to effect a warrant when hell broke loose with Likkle Vybz sustaining injuries.

In the video, Likkle Vybz is seen fending off the police with Kartel’s baby mama and some family members screaming at the police.

This was the second time the family is brushing off with law enforcers.

Kartel’s family was against police’s intrusion in what they termed as a ‘wrong warrant address’.

The warrant address did not match with Kartel’s home address with the family reading malice.

A police officer is also captured recording the development instead of intervening.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Kartel’s son, Likkle Vybz was being sought for alleged lottery scamming.

Likkle Vybz posing with his Mercedes Benz Photo Courtesy

Family Lawyer Upset

Kartel’s family lawyer, Isat Buchanan has shared his frustration following the police manhandling the family.

This happens as Vybz Kartel is behind bars and unable to stand for his family.

“Kartel’s most important Appeal is before the Privy Council when he was denied medication by Prison Autorities for 1 full week. The son was previously assaulted by the police matter is a civil one as well as being investigated by authorities. Again an attack on his entire family said to be mistaken identity of public figures speaks for itself” stated Buchanan partly.

Buchanan further disclosed that the attacks on Kartel’s family have had a significant mental and physical deterioration to Kartel.

He added that he will continue fighting for Kartel’s release despite the attacks directed at his family.

Just recently, Kartel’s son was pulled over by the police while cruising his Mercedes Benz.

It’s not yet clear what the police were up to.

September 18, 2023

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