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WADA Extends deadline for Anti-Doping Law


The World Anti Doping Agency(WADA) has given a new deadline of May 2 to allow more time for Kenya to  implement Wada’s code or risk missing out on the Rio Olympics.

A second WADA deadline expired on Tuesday with Kenyan MPs having failed to pass a bill criminalizing sports doping.

“Unless the Bill, policy and ADAK’s (Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya) rules are formally adopted by 2 May 2016, the Compliance Review Committee’s recommendation to the WADA Foundation Board will be to declare the ADAK non-compliant,” WADA said in a statement.

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The government sponsored Anti-doping Bill was tabled in the National Assembly last week and is now awaiting debate when the House resumes sittings April 12.

Speaking in an interview with France 24 television, Kenyatta said that Kenya needed more time to pass a robust anti-doping law and avoid a threatened Olympics ban.

“Every country has a way in which it formulates its rules and we cannot jump that step. We have made a commitment, the law has been passed by my cabinet already, but it must now go through the processes of enactment, which goes through the legislature, it must have public participation,” Kenyatta said

The Head of State added, “But the country itself is committed and what we’re telling them is let our processes go through. What we’re assuring them is that we may not be able to achieve the deadline they have set, but the deadline should be based on the national legislative process and I believe that within the next month we should have gone through all the necessary processes that guide the way we make laws in Kenya.”