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Wada on Anti-Doping : Enact the bill or be declared non-compliant


KeinoWith the Wada deadline of April 5 (Friday next week) the parliament is unlikely to enact the Anti-doping bill in time.

This is after it emerged that the parliament will be going on recess for ten days from April 1 – April 10.

Kenya is expected to pass the law prohibiting doping or be declared non-compliant to Wada Code, and our Parliament going on recess,officials only have this week to pass this Bill.

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“ I am pleading with our Members of Parliament to consider the future of this country, the future of the youth of this country, their legacy and spare no effort in passing this Bill this week so the President can assent it to Law”. Said Kipchoge Keino

He said it would be a disaster if Kenya is banned from Olympics in the event that Wada declares it non-compliant.

“I am pleading with our MPs to rise above all partisan interests and put the nation ahead of everything else to pass this crucial piece of law. It will open the doors to our youths and avoid any doubt in the minds of the world that we are serious with doping matters,” he said.