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New mom Wahu Kagwi seems to be having a hard time with her last born.

The now mom of three girls, took to her Facebook page to cry over how badly she had been struggling to put her daughter Shiru to sleep.

She shared a post crying over how she had tried putting her daughter to sleep for the longest time.

Wahu cries over how she had tried almost every lullaby to soothe the baby.

“Leo nimeimba nyimbo zote mpaka za Celine Dion.” She wrote as she went on to add the hashtag night shift insisting on how she had been kept awake by the little girl.

In another post, she wonders why babies were not programmed to sleep through the night “Good morning people. But why didn’t God just design babies to sleep at night from day 1.”

Just 3 days ago Wahu celebrated her daughter with a cute emotional message that she penned on her Instagram page.

She posted a photo of her two month old daughter as she gushed over what she loves about being a mum. Highlighting that sharing and being in the moment is a top feeling for her.

“I’m going to stop and smell the roses…I’m going to slow down and appreciate what matters…and what matters is where my heart is….and my heart is with you.”

By Stella Anyango.


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