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Wahu set to drop her second gospel song on Monday

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Kenyan songstress Wahu Kagwi stunned many late last year after announcing that she has turned a new leaf and is now saved.

Soon after the announcement, the sassy singer dropped her first ever gospel track dubbed ‘sifa’ which has since become a household song.

The song which was released in November 2017 caught fans off guard especially for those who saw her promote the song before her announcement.

Wahu took to social media to announce that she had something special for her fans this Monday April 9th.

“If God is for me….WHO care dare be against me? God is sooooo super amazing….. He calls us all to serve the purpose He created us for, but He doesn’t leave it there…..HE gives us the TOOLS we require to fulfill that purpose! And in that purpose you will find peace joy and fulfilment! We were not designed to fail…if you diligently study His word to understand WHO you are in HIM, HOW you were designed to opperate and make HIM #1 … Wacha tu!!  I’m so happy that I redicated my life to Him. ???#newsongdropping on Monday!” She wrote.

Wahu did not share the name of the song as she previously did with Sifa so fans will just have to wait for her to drop it.



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