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  • Woman Rep Njeri Maina Shaves and Evacuated After Goon Attack
  • MP’s angered by attack

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Njeri Maina was attacked by group of goons today during a political function in the County.

The incident occurred as Maina was conducting a meet the people tour in Kerugoya.

It is alleged that rowdy youth blocked her from addressing the public, and the situation escalated, resulting in the assault.

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Maina who was accompanied by Baragwi ward member of county assembly MCA David Mathenge found themselves in a delicate situation as the goons surrounded them.

“Yes, Mhesh was evacuated after the Governor (Kirinyaga chief boss Anne Waiguru) sent goons to attack her but failed,”

Maina’s communication team said.

The two leaders managed to escape on foot and sought refuge in their vehicles to ensure their safety. Prior to the attack, Maina and Mathenge had planned to hold a press conference with journalists to discuss developmental matters in Kirinyaga County.

Maina forced to shave

Images of the aftermath circulated on social media, showing Maina’s head shaven and her being evacuated on a wheelchair towards a waiting helicopter.

Medical personnel were present at the scene to provide immediate assistance.

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Maina has publicly stated that she believes the attack was premeditated and sponsored by a senior politician in Kirinyaga County.

“We had planned to talk about many issues, among them being the recent events where women and the disabled were beaten up by individuals in the County,”

Maina said.

“Everything was going on smoothly until when a group of youths on motorbikes came and attacked us,”

Meanwhile, Opiyo Wandayi, the Minority Leader in the National Assembly, has condemned the violence and called for action.

“We demand that the governor of Kirinyaga be summoned by the DCI, the honorable Maina was attacked by goons who came in proboxes and these goons were supposedly working on behalf of the country government of Kirinyaga,”

he said.

He demanded that Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru be summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for her alleged involvement in the attack on Jane Njeri Maina.

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