• . The app is a leeway  to achieving  transparency and accountability.
  • . It aims to bridge the gap between decision-makers and the public  through technology.
The Council Of Governors Chairperson and Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru  graced the launch of Badilico app
-a digital innovation that aims to revolutionize public participation in Kenya.
The COG chair said that the Council had played a great role in guiding the app innovators into understanding the public participation gap and the opportunity that a digital platform could offer to maximise inclusion as envisioned in the constitution.

“The App can also bring us closer to a future where every Kenyan feels connected to the decisions that affect their lives,” she said

In addition to that Waiguru says the app will assist governments to actively engage citizens,

”The App has the potential to help governments to actively engage citizens in planning and policy-making processes, facilitate open communication, ensure access to information, establish platforms for citizen participation, and conduct civic education, among other crucial responsibilities,”

In a statement released by the Office of the Council of Governors, it stated that the app was to be a game changer in terms of civic education through a gamified approach.

The app aims to bridge the gap  between decision makers and young people through technology

”Its functional elements include gamification of public participation and governance, opinion polls, generation of useful data and public participation in a fun way,

Ngatia Muhoya (Badilico App Developer )


Speaking at the event , the application developer  Ngatia Muhoya  said the application which targets the youths has already been adopted by county governments

The Badilico application is currently available on Android phones planing of advancing it to iPhone are in progress.
By Jeremick Joe

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