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Wailing souls speak on failing to receive honorary awards


Jamaican reggae group The Wailing Souls have opened up on how they have never won any credit award in Jamaica despite being nominated for the Grammys on three different occasions.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio’s DJ Double Trouble, the band said locally artistes don’t get recognition in Jamaica and only start to be recognized when they blow up internationally.

The band however said the blame is not on the government but on the various organizations that artistes in the country have formed.

“I think it’s a 50/50 thing. You know a prophet does not get recognition in his own home town…that is so true. There are a lot of organizations in Jamaica that make sure they take care of musicians who cannot take care or move around as they want to so the blame does not fall on the government but on these organizations that musicians themselves have formed… but ever so often, every year there is an event called Heroes day where the government hands out awards to various artistes order of distinction, order of merit or life time achievement awards but the Wailing Souls have never gotten anything like that yet but we hope we will get one soon.”  Wailing Souls member Lloyd “Bread” McDonald said

He further said that the Jamaican government is not involved in the artists music as much but only do very little.

“The government is not involved as much in our music. The artists do so much themselves. We self produce our music and the government does very minimal through the ministry of sports and culture but as it is right now it’s the artists that look after themselves financially.”  He said

The Wailing Souls released their latest album Back A Yard on August 28th featuring the remake of their 1992 chart topper ‘Shark Attack’ in which they featured Alborosie. Alborosie is the only other artist featured on the album.

Back A Yard is the group’s 25th album in a career that includes three Grammy Award nominations for Best Reggae Album, and a pioneering 1992 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The album has been produced by the band together with Alborosie, VP records and Greensleeve. The album’s production was inspired by the a late 80s sound that is set up in an old skool reggae vibe.