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Waititu Joho Clash In Malindi


waititu joho clashMonday’s Malindi and Kericho by elections were largely marred by claims of rigging and voter bribery.

The bribery allegations led to the arrest of Mwea Member of Parliament Peter Gitau and his Kabete counterpart Ferdinand Waititu.

The two were then taken to Malindi Police station where an altercation between Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho was experienced.

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At the police station Joho almost went for Waititu’s neck warning asking him not to dare try him.

“Waititu mimi usinijaribu ndugu yangu… mimi usiwahi kunijaribu, don’t try me,” Joho told Waititu.

In Joho’s response Waititu also tried to defend himself from the allegations. He said ” Mimi pia, mimi pia, kwani unafikiria wewe ni nani. Mimi nikuogope kweli Joho… Mimi naweza kukuogopa Joho kweli unafikiri hivyo?”

Commotion then errupted with Waititu and Joho’s people (including MP Sumra) seen exchanging words.