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  • Mwangangi’s impact on demystifying the mortuary experience cannot be ignored
  • She says that morticians are the main people who assist the bereaved family in the transition after grief

Ann Mwangangi a trailblazing Kenyan mortician is captivating audiences on Tiktok with her candid revelations about life in a mortuary.

Breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, Mwangangi uses her Platform to educate and inform hence gaining a massive following in the process

Mwangangi, who goes by the handle @annmwangangi2019, has amassed a growing fan base by offering a rare glimpse into the world of mortuaries.

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Her videos don’t just focus on the technical aspects of her profession, but also aim to dispel misconceptions while educating viewers about the etiquette surrounding mortuary visits.

In one of her recent posts, she recounted some of the most heart wrenching statements she has over heard in the mortuary’s cold room.

“Heartbreaking statements I have heard in mortuary cold room, Wake up and tell them I did not kill you, why have you made my enemies win, Dad you should have waited for me,”

she posted

“What will I tell the kids when they ask for their mum, You told me to come see you today am here now wake up, My wedding is next week mum why do this to me,”

Mwangangi’s Tiktok is not just the content, but also her own presence-young, beautiful and thriving in a profession largely considered a male domain.

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Mother’s Death

In an interview with Radio Jambo in February this year, Mwangangi said that when she lost her mother she did not have a proper support system to her help her in grieving.

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“I lost my mother when I was in form two and I did not get to grieve the right way,”

Mwangangi who hails from Nyahururu said.

It’s because of this that she decided to study mortician science so as to help other people who are bereaved.

“So I said I will help someone else to transition through grief. I never got to experience that. That is what inspired me to be a Mortician,”

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