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Wambui Collymore calls out Art Caffe…Akothee’s sister Fires back at Edgar Obare and other stories

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This week, Khaligraph dropped his banger collabo with luo rapper Japesa and his dressing landed him in trouble. Art Caffe also landed in trouble over their Art competition. Here are this week’s entertainment stories.

  1. Bahati and Khaligraph in Clergy outfits

City pastor Godfrey Migwi of House of Hope Church in Kayole called out Kenyan artistes Bahati and Khaligraph Jones for using clergy clothing in their music videos.

This was after Khaligraph dropped his collabo with Luo rapper Japesa. In the said song, the rapper is clad in full clergy outfits.

In a lengthy post, pastor Migwi warned Bahati who also did a song with gengetone stars Boondocks clad in Clergy clothing and the rest, telling them to stop mocking God.

He went on to ask the artistes to stop using clergy outfits to chase fame and money.

Pastor Migwi asked Bahati and Khaligraph to repent in order to break the curses they are attracting.

“I am warning you misguided entertainers, you are attracting curses upon your life and your generations to come, i know you’re after fame and money but you’re completely lost, mark my words, you better repent and break the curses, god is never mocked, woe unto you and your generations to come after you Bahati and the one I heard he’s called Kaligraph Jones, wearing Bishops gowns is wrong.
Let me advise you before you regret. Take those priest headgears and gowns to the nearest bishop and repent, good to know that even in the church not all ministers of the gospel wear them, there’s a procedure to follow before you wear priest gowns,” Migwi wrote in part.

  1. Wambui Collymore to Art Caffe

City Restaurant Art Cafe on Wednesday dominated the trending chats in the country following the launch of their recent campaigns.

Netizens however raised concern over the issue with the reward they are offering to the winner of the competition.

According the post, the winner gets two months internship at Art Café and a free one year supply of coffee.

“ANNOUNCING our #ARTofthecity competition! Calling all creatives of the city…help us jazz up our take-away coffee cup and WIN BIG with Artcaffé! Read the competition details below, and ENTER! Tag your artistic friends and spread the word!….Exhibition space in one of our restaurants for 2 months or an internship with the Artcaffe Design Team for 2 months. And free coffee for a year! A total of 365 coffees redeemed at 1 a day.” Read the post

The late Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui Collymore weighed in on the saga telling off Art Cafe on the whole ordeal.

According to Wambui, the founder of The Art Space, an online art gallery, art is meant to be bought.

“This is precisely why we need to stop using the words, ‘support art’. “Art is made to be bought unless the artist offers to do it for free, Artists live on the money their art makes. Refusing to buy art actually kills the industry. Exposure is refusing to buy art. We don’t need exposure. We need investment in the arts.” She said

Wambui further told Artcaffe than she could give them a few tips on how to invest in art pro bono.

“For free, @ArtcaffeKenya I can consult with you on how you can invest in art. Please DM me.” she said

  1. Akothee’s sister fires back at Edgar Obare

Akothee’s sister Elseba Kokeyo alias Cebbie Koks finally broke her silence following an expose on Edgar Obare’s instagram.

Speaking to media personality CJ Atemo, Cebbie said she was shocked her online critics did not unleash a sex tape.

“I’m shocked they did not produce a sex tape. Everything else i expected it. I’m targeted because i’m on the public domain. I’m in the sphere of the millennial who think i shouldn’t be where I am.” She said

Cebbie further rubbished allegations that her said engagement was fake blaming the whole controversy in people over thinking things.

“The engagement was real. A lot of guys said it wasn’t because of the gas but it depends with your perception. They asked how coincidental is it that there was gas in the car. People overthink things. We are also inclined to loving bad news you don’t want to accept that something good has happened. I was equally shocked at the proposal. I did not know it was going to happen. It changed from just me and him knowing about us to the whole world knowing. It was not easy for both my family and his or brands I work with.” She added

The lass further said that despite allegations that she spoke ill of her sister, the two of them patched things up and are okay.

Speaking on her alleged bad blood with her sister, Cebbie said they are okay and have since sorted things out.

“Family is family and I like the way people kept on attacking me ‘oooh you can’t fight president of single mothers [akothee]’. She’s my sister. Even if I killed today, she’ll open her arms and accept me because she’s more of my mother something people don’t know, we also fight badly and hit optimum. What people don’t know is that when Akothee and I are fighting in that family nobody talks because no one can bring us together. We find a way to talk and on that day (when she was exposed) and we don’t understand why people keep asking me if I’m talking to her. We don’t have to show you that we’re talking or we’re good. It didn’t dent us as much…” she said

  1. How Akothee’s parents reacted to sister’s expose

Cebbie Koks for the first time addressed her expose on Edgar Obare. Speaking the same interview with CJ Atemo, Cebbie said her father called her following the expose to advice her.

She however said her mother on the other hand had an issue with the expose terming her mother a ‘strict displinarian’

“He called and told me to stay strong that was life. He said even if this one doesn’t marry you, you can still come back home so no problem. Let nobody blackmail you. You’re an asset. But my mother was angry. She’s a tough disciplinarian and politician.” Cebbie said

  1. Akothee and Zari break up

Could it be that controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee and bff Zari Hassan no longer see eye to eye?

The two seem to have put a halt on their social media bromance and even deleted photos of their good times.

A cross check on Instagram, revealed that the two are no longer following each other on Instagram, an act that has raised eyebrows among their fans.

Zari, who enjoys a following of over 8 million people, follows back only 129 people; among them two Kenyans that is Eric Omondi and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho

Zari and Akothee have been known to come to each other’s defense whenever one is attacked by online critics.

Akothee later came out to say that she has unfollowed a series celebrities on social media.

“It doesn’t have to be breaking news when I decide to unfollow some of my colleagues in the Industry of social media. It’s a way of getting fresh air.

I unfollowed a number of celebs yesterday, reasons best known to me. I will soon block some who chat me on inbox/ DM. I just learnt they don’t follow me  but I don‘t know how they get to see my shit and come on inbox and never comment on my wall. I hate people who adore me in secret but try to play power games with me” she said


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