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Wanyonyi Woes Matatu Operators Promises to Ease Traffic in CBD


Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful Tim Wanyonyi  is now rooting for  proper licensing of all matatus operating in the city to enhance smooth operations of PSVs.

The Westlands Member of Parliament said for successful decongestion of the City, all stakeholders must be involved in the decision making process.

In a meeting with  hundreds of Nairobi Matatu stakeholders on Thursday, March 24, Wanyonyi said that transport is a shared business which should be managed by the government and the private sector.

“Decongesting the City is not removing those who are already there and introducing new sector. We just have to define what it is that we want to do, how we will operate, where will you go? Just improve on efficiency,” he said.

While airing their grievances, the representatives who were drawn from over 32 Matatu Saccos,  complained over police harassment and mistreatment.

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They requested the MP to ensure that the matatu operators, owners and customers are cushioned from the excesses of the police and county askaris for ease of doing business.

According to Mr Maurice Obambo, Secretary General of Killeton Sacco, the law should not be used to discriminate against motorists. 

“We do not want to have a law for the poor and the rich. When we have the law, it should be for everybody. If a rich person is arrested, he must be treated by the same law as the poor,” Mr Wanyonyi, who is an advocate of the High Court said as he responded to Obambo. 

The stakeholders expressed their confidence in Mr Wanyonyi and tasked him to ensure that the sector becomes profitable, dignified and orderly and endorsed his bid for Nairobi governor.