Tanzanian boxing sensation Karim Mandonga finally lived up to his billing stopping his Kenyan counterpart Daniel Wanyonyi in their super middleweight bout at the Tsavo MADONGA KICC in Nairobi Kenya.

Technical Knock Out

Five rounds is what Mandonga needed as he edged out Wanyonyi by a technical knock out.The ‘braggadosio’ Mandonga had some super blows planted on Wanyonyi’s face on several occasions, the latter was hit best and had to throw in the towel.

During the first round,the boxers had used it to size up themselves with Mandonga advancing, some had thought Wanyonyi would sustain the 10 round bout only to be stopped.

Mandonga took to the blue corner wearing a pair of white shorts and green hooded robe emblazoned ‘Mandonga Mtu Kazi ‘complete with his portrait and stepped on white boxer’s kicks while Wanyonyi donned a pair of black shorts and a sleeveless hoodie courtesy of one of the sponsor’s ‘Betnare’

This was the last match, the most anticipated duel yet it was a curtain raiser to the main bout pitying Kenyan Champion Rayton Okwiri against Tanzania’s Shaban ndaro.

Okwiri Retains Belt

Kenya’s Rayton Okwiri retained his middleweight belt when he was announced the winner unanimously through the judges decision.

Okwiri a cop, made his way to the ring escorted by fellow warden officer’s waving the Kenyan flag in solidarity .He was in the red corner and wore red, a pair of red short’s and a red robe.Shaban ndalo was in the blue corner donning a pair of black and white shorts and a matching gown.

Shaban was towering over Okwiri and showed resistance through his long punches.He gave Okwiri a run for his money.

The match saw Shaban’s mouth guard come off and also had Okwiri -winner bleeding due to ‘face disconstruction’.

Many had hoped Okwiri with his longevity in boxing will not only make light work of Shaban but also exhibit high level of boxing, we’re talking of gracing the commonwealth and the Olympics.The bout fell short of the world’s standards.It missed the energy, clear cut powerful punches.

And what with the wrestling! The referee had to separate them severally.

This brings us the question, where is the future of kenyan boxing?

Political Class, Celebrities Grace Event

The Pocket Rocket Event was graced by both the political class and a host of creatives.

Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna was in attendance, MPs Jalangoo and Mawathe former Kibra MP Imran was also present.

Ghetto Radio Boss Julius Owino Majimaji, Media personalities Ghost Mulee and Gidi also came through.

The music industry was well represented by the presence of several artists namely Bien (Sauti Sol),Bensol,Prezzo and KRG The Don just to mention but a few.

Chris Kirwa ushered in some of the event’s driver’s, Reuben Ndolo President Of Kenyan Boxing Federation,Mps Jalangoo and Mawathe and Mercy Andeng who gave quick remarks.Jalangoo promised to make it a monthly affair.

Sponsors were also commended for holding hands and making the day a success, they included The ministry for sports and youth affairs, Avenue Health Care,Betnare, Crime shield security,Pata kumi among others.

The event’s master of ceremonies Shaffie Weru also known as the Raverend termed the night ‘A rumble in east Africa ‘.

It featured boxers from Mauritius, Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) and Tanzania.

In super lightweight pitying Mauritanian Gerjohn Collin and Kenyan David Omollo,the former was announced winner through the judges decision.

In featherweight, Kenyan Kimario stopped Mauritanian Ready through a judges decision.The Kenyan boxer exhibited great zeal, his opponents mouth oozed blood due to his offensiveness.

In super welterweight category, Vincent Ouma faced Martin Achebi with the latter carrying the day from through a technical knock out.(TKO)in 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

In super middleweight featuring Congolese (DRC) Lossiane Botumbe and Mauritanian Adele Motiene , the former knocked out Adele in the second round in one minute and 50 seconds.

Though short lived it was one of the most enjoyable bout’s as DRC’s Botumbe dazzled through heavy,timely and calculated punches earning huge chants from the crowd.

In heavyweight category Kenyan James Nyariki fought Mauritanian Oliver Xavier which saw the visitor walk away with a win through a judge decision.

There was also a female bout pitying Praxides Anyango and Jane Kavulani in an all Kenyan affair .Anyango won the fight through a judges decision.

Media Personality and one of the event organizer’s Fred Arocho revealed the event being totally ‘sold out’ with more than 5000 tickets sold.

He went ahead and affirmed the event’s success arose from the support from stakeholders and the hype that played around Mandonga.

Arocho wished the same energy would be diverted to other sports disciplines leading to grow and sustainability.

Ghetto Radio’s presenter and disc jockey Evander Marcos popularly known as DJ Double Trouble kept boxing enthusiasts entertained through the best mix of music.

“I’ll be back soon” promised Mandonga.

January 15, 2023

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