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  • Fans are currently on Paulah Kajala’s neck seeking answers on her alleged pregnancy to Marioo.
  • While Marioo was performing during New Year’s eve, Paulah offered him flowers on stage with her baby-bump seen.
  • Paula kicked off her affair with Marioo after her brief relationship with Rayvanny.

Paulah Kajala’s recent photos with a flat tummy have earned her attack after the other with fans seeking answers on her alleged pregnancy to singer, Marioo.

While Marioo was performing at an event on New Year’s eve, Paulah took to the stage gifting him flowers with her baby-bump visible.

The sensual moment saw the two popular couple exchange kisses with Marioo’s song, Naogopa with Harmonize crowning it all.

Now many have been left speculating on what could be happening.

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However, looking extremely gorgeous and undisturbed, Paulah affirmed that she’s enjoying her peace with her body well-toned.

“Peace of mind kidogo nishanona” she captioned partly.

Marioo and Paulah exchanging a kiss PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

With Paulah’s commentary filling with reaction after the other, we camped there and sampled a few.

“Ni basi tu wanapenda kuongea… sasa mimba iko wapi hapo”

“Da Paula tumbo umelipeleka wapi nililiona jana”

“Mtoto anabanwa huko tumbonini vile tu hasemi khaaa”

“Mbona mimba haionekani jamani”

However, others affirmed that Paulah was indeed pregnant judging from her additional weight.

Another section reacted to her stunning beauty steering off the hot debate.

“Looks like you’re pregnant you are great though”

“So cute Mamiiiii”

Rayvanny and Paulah before their split PHOTO Courtesy


Affair With Rayvanny

Before kicking off her relationship with Marioo, Paulah had a brief affair with Rayvanny.

During that time, Rayvanny had parted ways with his wife, Fahyvanny with whom they share a son.

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Rayvanny’s entanglement with Paulah drew a lot of criticism with many terming the latter underage, she was nineteen then.

It also placed Rayvanny at crossroads with Harmonize who was dating Paulah’s mother, Frida Kajala.

Harmonize was alleged to have seduced Paulah which led to his nudes and sex texts leaking on the internet.

The Next Level president was blamed for the woes drowning his Konde Gang counterpart.

However, with time the two buried the hatchet and are great buddies.


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