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War Of Words As Wasafi And Konde Gang Factions Face Off

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The ongoing Us tour involving Harmonize and his signee Ibraah has led to a nasty exchange of words between the two leading front men Wasafi Presenter, Singer Baba Levo routing for Wasafi with Media Personality Mwijaku pulling the strings for Harmonize’s Konde Gang Music Worldwide.

Baba Levo fired the first salvo at Harmonize as a no show in his US tour, he termed the Attitude Singer’s outing a flop comparing the crowds to that of Diamond Platinumz who seems to be enjoying enormous fan support.

Baba Levo went ahead and posted video’s two separate events,an all sold out show by Nigerian Star Wizkid and that of Konde Gang’s signee Ibraah while performing in his maiden US tour.

 “🤭🤭🤭Ukitaka kulia Angalia Hapa Alafu Swept left 👉👉👉👉👉👉Wote Wapo Marekani 🤣🤣🤣” Wrote Baba Levo.

His sentiments drew heavy criticism from fans who felt he was not only envious but also lacked moral by comparing the newly known star Ibraah to Wizkid.

” Usimfananishe Wizz na Ibraah 😂😂😂😂😂kwa sasa tunakutofatisha wewe na Ibraah yani Ibraah sio levo za Wizz na wewe humpati Ibraah ata unye 😂” Shot one user.

Another fan took offense with Baba Levo’s poor grammar, “Ati tuswept left 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Kizungu balaa rudi shule,” fired the user.

On his side Mwijaku made a post on Instagram which was targeted at Baba Levo even though he didn’t mention his name directly.

“Alafu anatokea mpumbavu kashiba mawese ya bure anamfananisha Harmonize na Mwambino nyokoo yako” wrote Mwijaku.


Unfolding Events That Led To Harmonize Beef With Diamond

Harmonize was signed to Diamond’s Wasafi label from where he released hits and went ahead collaborating with the Wasafi Boss in songs such as Kwa Ngwaru among others.

He later broke ranks and set up his own record label ‘Konde Gang Music Worldwide’, at first many wrote him off seeing the move as suicidal to his music career.

To date Harmonize has proven to all and sundry that he really meant business giving his former boss a run for his money.

He signed rapper Country Boy, Cheed and Killy from Ali Kiba’s Kings Music,first Lady Anjella and Ibraah with whom they’re touring the US with. His media station in Mtwara is also up and running.Talk of calculated moves.


By Steve Osaka


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