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cakeTurning eighty is no mean fete, as she expressed her joy I could tell our task was neatly defined. I could swear her grey mane shone even brighter, her wrinkles carrying her vibrancy. We all needed to have our A-game in check and most especially for me as I was given the honours of capturing every moment, ensuring history was frozen for her legacy’s endearment.

Now it’s said that when it rains, it pours. Two days before Shosh Manyanga’s (as we all know her) birthday, I retrieved Nikky, my Nikon D3200 to prepare her for the big day only to realise she had sticking shutter and rubber grip issues. Shosh Manyanga is known for perfection and calling her to back out at this point sounded suicidal.

It then hit me that on that day of purchase I had been given alongside my receipt a warranty to fill as cover just in case Nikky malfunctioned before a lapse of two years.

The warranty was there neat and crisp just as I had acquired it, only it had not been filled. How could I have overlooked such an important document? If only I had been keen to fill the warranty on that day of purchase then Nikky would have been covered and serviced by professionals and at no added cost whatsoever

A lesson well learnt, next time I purchase any electronic, warranty is bae. Unless I want to chop money in shady dungeons with people who have to google on how to repair electronics.

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