Was David Moya Thrown Out by A Mumama?

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  • Celebrated dancer and tiktoker David Moya is alleged to have been kicked out of an upmarket apartment and his salon spa taken away from him by his Mumama after cheating allegations.
  • Contrary to the gossip, David Moya has maintained that his craft is paying off to accord him the lifestyle he leads.

Celebrated dancer and Tiktoker David Moya is alleged to be undergoing a rough time after his cougar girlfriend threw him out of an upmarket apartment.

Taken also is the salon and spa which is said to have been bankrolled by the woman after cheating allegations.

To put off the spa’s saga, Moya is said to have been going around stating that he’s selling off the business.

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Despite his brand drawing negative criticism online, unmoved Moya set the bar high when he recently stepped out in a sleek Mercedes G-Wagon with his surprise dance business going on as usual.

Dancing is lucrative.

David Moya shows of a new Mercedes G Wagon – PHOTO Courtesy

According to David Moya’s recent online engagement, he maintained that through dancing he had managed to sign hefty cheques and renovated his house.

This shows that he’s beyond being kept, a narrative which is being peddled around.

“I renovated my house because it is mine. Unajua hii usanii saa zingine inakupeanga pressure ya kutoka hapa uende hapa tena rent ikushinde so I owned mine.” He stated.

Moya further added that he runs a busy diary which has seen him travel far and wide from countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Mauritius, South Korea, Zambia, Uganda and Sudan among others.

Since his dancing career took off, Moya disclosed that the only show he had done for free was when he surprised Marioo in Tanzania during the launch of his album.

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He did it out of gratitude as the song, Mi Amor which he uses during his surprise dance visits was sang by the bongo act and Kenya’s singer Jovial.

“The guy I surprised is the owner of the song I dance to ‘Mi Amor’. I did it for free out of heart to appreciate him.” He stated partly.

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