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Was Kenrazy Kicked Out Of Grandpa Records By Label President Refigah?


kenrazy kickedGrandpa records has been hitting the headlines lately,dating from Majirani’s scandal,Kidis leaving the label,Visita appointed the new deputy not to mention the current trending rumor about Kenrazy out of the circle too.

What isn’t clear is whether the “Mbilikimo Mkora” left the label on his own will or was he forcefully kicked out by the label’s president,Refigah?

In a recent interview with Mwanaisha Chidzuga,Refigah-jokingly rendered to as Mugabe-mentioned a number of Artistes he has worked with but avoided Kenrazy’s name like a plague despite the latter having being featured in almost all the hit songs the label has produced.

Notably,Kenrazy has been heard severally referring to himself as a “Kenyan” artiste not  a “Grandpa records” artiste.

Could things have turned sour for the “Tichi’s” lyrist. What about his equally famous  musician wife Sosuun of “Sura Ya Kazi”.

Will Grandpa survive without Kenrazy,baring in mind he was one of the strongest pillars?

But why are artistes constantly chucking from the Kibra-based studio??? Poor management?? Underpayment???

Many questions,no one to answer. Keep it here as we dig to the truth behind Kenrazy’s departure.